6 week

What you
will improve

Feel Strong

This program is a mix of cardio and strength exercises that are designed to improve the way you move and make you feel great.

Elevate Endurance

These activities will keep your heart, lungs and circulatory system healthy, improving your overall fitness.


Strengthen and tone—no equipment necessary! Learn exercise sequences that elevate your overall health and fitness.

Take the challenge—feel better!

Are you ready
to work?

“I designed this program to help you achieve your fitness goals by offering key exercises that you can take with you beyond these videos. As a physiotherapist, I want to empower you with movements that support your long-term fitness and health. Each week, we go through exercises in detail, with modifications suited for different levels of fitness—so that YOU get the most out of this program.

I also help you measure improvements along the way, to push you to your fullest potential—safely. At the end of the 6 weeks, I guarantee that you will feel at the top of your game!”


Before jumping in
check-in first

“More than 50% of my patients come to me with injuries sustained by workout programs that aren’t well-suited to their fitness level or were triggered by overworking or under-stretching certain muscle groups.

You don’t have to mistreat your body to achieve the fitness results you desire. You and your doctor know your body best, so make sure to check-in before jumping in to any program. If you have questions—I’m here for you! “

In this program
you'll recieve


18 instructional exercise videos for 3 x a week workouts.


Track the improvements to your endurance and flexibility with a written program.


Consistent workouts that will help you grow healthy habits to achieve your goals.


Get the most out of your program with a free online version if Eat well, Live Strong! Each recipe has carefully selected ingredients to provide well-rounded, nutrient-dense meals that will help you get the most out of your program.

Eat Well, Live Strong
Cook book

Tired of spending hours in the kitchen? Finding it hard to come up with healthy recipes? Looking to elevate your meals with more nutritious ingredients?

…Welcome to your new favourite cookbook!

Each recipe has carefully selected ingredients to provide well-rounded, nutrient-dense meals that take under 1 hour to make, showing you that eating healthy can be delicious, satisfying, easy, and fun!

My number one goal is to help my clients feel their absolute best, energizing them to enjoy life to its fullest. As a health professional, I understand the importance of eating the right foods to gain nutrients, build healthy habits or recover from injury. These are a collection of my go-to meals that keep me feeling energized and strong.


in action