Claire Sobolewski

My Main Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy),
    University of Sydney, 2005
  • Certificate IV Work Health and Safety, 2014
  • Dry Needling Qualification, 2015
  • DMA Qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor, 2019
  • Hinsta Performance Certified Coach 2021

My Motto

Dream big, travel often, love the journey

I’m Claire: physiotherapist, motivator, trainer and speaker from Australia’s West Coast. At my therapy clinic, we teach people how to create long-term solutions to their pain. My number one goal for my clients is empowering them to enjoy life to the fullest through fitness and healthy habits.

About Claire Sobolewski - Physiotherapist - Australia
About Claire Sobolewski - Mentor - Australia

“My physiotherapy journey started in 2005, as I graduated from the University of Sydney, where I was working in Emergency Care at St. Georges Hospital. In 2011, I moved to Western Australia where I realised a passion for supporting my local community in reaching and maintaining their peak fitness potential. So, I began my own practice: PHYSIOlogical Training Physiotherapy.

I’ve worked hard to develop a strong reputation as an exceptional therapist and coach. I believe that through education, people can be empowered to create for themselves a pain-free life and avoid a dependence on constant health professional intervention. Perhaps that’s why personal empowerment guru, Tony Robbins, named me “”the anti-therpaist.””

From my experience as an educator, coach and hands-on therapist, I’ve created 3 online programs targeting what I’ve observed are the main physical concerns inhibiting people from reaching their goals and living fully. Together, we’ll dig deep to find the root cause of your pain and learn new healthy habits for overcoming it. “

It is through basic understanding that people can be empowered to use techniques to manage their own pain, creating for themselves a pain-free life and avoiding the need for dependence on constant health professional intervention.

Looking to take your workforce to the next level?

I offer individual, tailored assessments for members of your workplace team to identify ergonomic and posture-related hazards that put your workforce at risk of injury. Enquire today about an on-site or virtual assessment.