What you
will improve

Posture Patterns

Pinpoint your natural posture and where it goes when you feel tension or pain.


Through a daily stretching routine, gradually make adjustments towards perfect posture.

Targeted Strengthening

The most effective way to correct muscle imbalance is to identify, target and strengthen the right ones!

Stand Tall, Feel Strong

Align Your Spine

“Good posture doesn’t just communicate confidence, it’s an essential tool for preventing long-term injuries and pain. If sitting for long periods of time is a part of your day-to-day routine, you’re probably unsurprised to learn that over 65% of office employees suffer from chronic back, shoulder or neck pain*—or all of the above!

As a physiotherpist, I’m an expert in spinal alignment and core muscle control. In this program, I’ll teach you how to pinpoint your pain and use targeted stretching and strengthening excercises to correct it at the source: your posture!

*According to ergononomic statistics. “


Let Me Hear
Your Body Talk

“Without a single word, your body language says a lot about you. When I’m working with a client, their body language tells me almost everything I need to know about how their joints and muscles are working.

Back pain, headaches and rounded shoulders aren’t just symptoms of poor posture—they’re causes of it, too. Break the cycle with this short program designed to show you how improving your posture can change the way you feel and how people percieve you. “

In this program
you'll recieve


3 easy-to-follow exercise videos that will form the foundation of new healthy habits.


Identify your triggers for poor posture and learn how to fix them.


Simple exercises with plenty of modifications and minimal equipment.


Get the most out of your program with a free online version if Eat well, Live Strong! Each recipe has carefully selected ingredients to provide well-rounded, nutrient-dense meals that will help you get the most out of your program.

Eat Well, Live Strong
Cook book

Tired of spending hours in the kitchen? Finding it hard to come up with healthy recipes? Looking to elevate your meals with more nutritious ingredients?

…Welcome to your new favourite cookbook!

Each recipe has carefully selected ingredients to provide well-rounded, nutrient-dense meals that take under 1 hour to make, showing you that eating healthy can be delicious, satisfying, easy, and fun!

My number one goal is to help my clients feel their absolute best, energizing them to enjoy life to its fullest. As a health professional, I understand the importance of eating the right foods to gain nutrients, build healthy habits or recover from injury. These are a collection of my go-to meals that keep me feeling energized and strong.

6 Week
cardio challenge

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