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3 Keys to Perfect Posture from one of Australia’s Leading Physiotherapists

Check out your posture – other’s do! It has often been said that a positive or powerful posture creates peak performance and as a health professional I definitely agree!

If you work at an office or spend any amount of your work day sitting (even in the car), read on as the information I’m sharing here can save you from expensive doctors visits and ongoing body pain.

Imagine a strong, confident person standing in front of you. What kind of posture does that person have? Undoubtedly, the person in front of you is standing tall with an open chest and head held high. It’s a person who looks ready to take on the world!

So how do people see you? Your posture actually says a lot about your personality and conveys body language to other people without you saying a word! When I’m looking a ta client, their posture says a lot to me about how their joints and muscles are working.