Why Fitness Bootcamp Workouts are Harming Australian Women

Well the new year is well and truly over. The excuse of holiday events is no longer in the way of starting the ‘brand new body’ that we continue to promise ourselves each year. What are the gyms telling us? Bootcamp!

Problem #1.
It’s the cool thing to SMASH your body to the point where you can’t get up off the toilet these days.

The truth is that as a physio, all I’m seeing is that not every body shape can handle the rigorous challenges and exercises that the fitness industry throws at us.

Inevitably, this adds turmoil to our already conflicted belief about exercise – I know it’s good for me, but when my body has all these aches, pains and injuries showing up everywhere, is it really that good for me?

In saying this, there really are people out there who thrive on the bootcamp stye of exercise…

Boot camp


a military training camp for new recruits, with very harsh discipline

a short, intensive and rigorous course of training

And you know what? Yes! Bootcamps are a huge success for so many to literally kick their butts back into the normal fitness routine.

But if you’re anything like the average Australian who I see as our growing demographic, busy with work, kids, study – being everything to everyone (literally!). An intensive military style “push until you vomit” style workout really isn’t what your body needs!

Last year I attended a popular up and coming class craze overwhelming Australia right now, where I was told that unless you feel like you’re going to vomit and cant walk out the door, you aren’t working hard enough.

Problem #2.
The body is apparently evil and we must not listen to its pain.

I’m sorry, what?

Half the people I follow online are telling me that my body is a temple to nourish and the other half are telling me to push until I almost break.

That’s confusing! When we’re getting back into fitness (or, realistically, exercising after a pretty long break from it) the three keys are:

  1. Be patient and kind to your body, set achievable goals so you feel GREAT about what you’re doing for yourself!
  2. Prioritise exercise as part of your daily routine – yes! Vacuuming can count as your exercise for one day! Use incidental bouts of heart-pumping chores to add to your daily achievement.
  3. Get some guidance and help, even if it’s just from a buddy – it just has to be someone who will not let you give in and who will hold you accountable.

While there are so many people out there who literally do need just a bit of a boot (pun intended) to get back into their routine, if it doesn’t feel like it’s you – that’s ok! Taking a reasonable approach to exercise is key in setting up and achieving your long-term aim!

Whether it is weight loss, toning, muscle gain, cardio fitness or just to re-gain your energy and get out of the house, choose the type of program which will support and work for you. If you have fallen out of a routine, get back in slowly. Get some professional advice. Get your bloods checked! So many things we forget are actually quite important when it comes to exercise and re-building a fitness routine.

REMEMBER there’s not ONE path to the body you desire. But there are a seemingly infinite number of fitness programs and routines out there that can help you. Find one that fits your schedule, lifestyle and values.

In short, your body IS a temple and you are SO lucky to have it! Look after it, nourish it and it will be good to you in return.

Live healthy and happy everyone!

Yours in fitness,


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